Mercedes GL 320 Bluetec

2009 Mercedes-Benz GL

   The upside: Smooth ride. Precise steering. Powerful acceleration . Fairly capable off road for a vehicle w/o locking differential. Prestige. Comfortable seat(s). The downside: Maintenance cost(s)… E.g. had to replace all for air shocks (front about $1300–each; rear about $900 (for both)), starter motor ($800). Brakes actually last a long time and replacing rotors surprisingly “cheap” at about $350/axle. Tires only last about 20-25K miles (295/40-21) and there’s a limited selection–a new set will set you back about $2200. The electronics were capricious–sometimes car wouldn’t completely shut down when door opened (i.e. normal shut down is engine off & accessories stay on until door opened. started acting up sometimes where accessories wouldn’t power down when door opened & had to open/shut door a few times to get it to shut down). Home link garage door opener had a button that wouldn’t work. EZ-GO door handles had to be replaced. Driver’s side mirror folding mechanism broke. When I smelled leaking oil burning on the exhaust manifold, I knew it was time to get rid of it. Bottom line: Surprisingly comfortable and agile for a 7 passenger, 3 ton SUV and most comfortable car/truck I’ve ever driven. However, after repair issues cited above, I’d be reluctant to own a M-B again…..

Stop stop have you ever wonder what happens to those master technicians that work for the dealership and get tired of the politics

That’s right master technicians that did their homework passed all the tests but don’t want to deal with the politics.

I’m one of them in 1 million years I never thought I was good how my own business in fact when I opened up my business I didn’t know what accounts receivable and accounts payable were.
But I fix cars right I have an honest heart and I work very hard to make my customers happy.
I look for the loyal customers is just like a relationship in a marriage a while you dating you should get to know the person that’s working on your car and you can judge based on their behavior and answers if they know what they’re doing and being honest to you.